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Trusted Residential & Commercial Paving Company in Calgary


Entrust All-Star Paving to make your commercial or residential complex stand out.

For more than 25 years, All-Star Paving has been the preferred choice of many looking for pavers in Calgary. With years of experience, our paving company is ready to handle all of your asphalt, concrete, and aggregate needs. Whether it be paving a residential driveway, any sort of residential paving or a large-scale commercial paving project, we have the experience to get the job done with the highest quality. Our family-owned and operated paving company can give you a solid foundation to handle all of life's needs. In our quest to retain our position as the first-choice pavers in Calgary, we perform all paving duties with utmost precision and dedication. Our goal is to make the community stronger, safer and more accessible for everyone. Having been in this industry for more than 25 years, we assure you that you can count on us whenever you need pavers in Calgary.


Our trained, certified, and fully-insured crews will perform every step of the paving process with accuracy, safety, and efficiency. From preparing and grading the surface to laying the aggregate and final touches, you will know that your residence or business is in good hands. And more so, that you're about to get a really lovely product! We specialize in paving and providing any of the following:


To contribute to our ongoing mission of safety and excellence, All-Star Paving is certified by the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) as a COR certified company. Safety is a key concern in all the work we do. From our crews' well-being to the day-to-day experience of our clients, we want to pass that passion on to you. Our paving company has gone strength to strength in this illustrious journey of ours & it will be a sheer pleasure for us to help you with your paving needs. Get in touch with us today!


Repairing Roadways and Driveways


Your driveway is the first stop at your home or residence. It supports your coming and going, and naturally, it's something we all take for granted. But what do you do when the ground beneath your feet needs a tune-up? Or if a pesky pothole in your parking lot that needs attention? Stop pounding the pavement, let us do the job right. All-Star Paving can handle just about any asphalt patching or repairs needed to asphalt or concrete surfaces as we have many years of experience.


Need your driveway replaced altogether? Sometimes a fresh start is required, especially with the amount of wear-and-tear an average driveway will see over the years. If your driveway requires paving, repairing cracks, patching, resurfacing, or any combination of services, then give us a call and our skilled pavers will get the job done.


How to Choose the Right Paving Company


With so many companies out there seemingly offering similar services, it can be hard to know where to begin when hiring a paving company in Calgary. Choosing the right pavers for your paving project can become a daunting task that must be performed carefully. From protection & supplies to the quality of work, there are some things to keep in mind that go beyond just conventional logic. Check out our professional guide to choosing a paving contractor and keep the following topics in mind when speaking with potential candidates:

  • Insurance – If you’re quoted a lower price, then inquire if the company is actually insured. Without their own insurance, any workers on your property will fall under your insurance and thus your liability. So ask the questions and keep yourself protected!

  • Equipment & Crew – The paving company should have tools and equipment that are up to date in order to handle the sensitive time, high heat, and fine detail work necessary to lay the perfect driveway or roadway. Ask about the crew: How many workers on the crew? What kind of certification do they have? What kind of training? An ideal crew should have at least 6-8 workers with sufficient training and experience.

  • Quality of Work – To prepare properly, a paving company needs to lay down a thick, stable base before any paving can be done. This process involves many mandatory steps including leaving the aggregate to rest for a whole week. Find out what steps the company follows in their work before you give them the green light. Likewise, a strong driveway or roadway has about 3 inches of topcoat material. Anything less is intentionally trying to cut corners. We are pure to what the client wants.

  • Materials – What grade of asphalt or concrete are they working with? Do a little research and avoid low-quality asphalt or recycled asphalt. The look and longevity of your paving are at stake. Here at All-Star Paving, we carry many grades of asphalt.

  • Quote & Payment – Accurate quotes and final payments are what you want to see from a trustworthy paving contractor. Regardless of whether it gets used or not, a homeowner will pay for whatever amount of asphalt-aggregate is requested from the plant and it cannot be returned. Overestimates are common! Just like any contractor, be wary of any company asking for a down payment. The initial contract should suffice.



Contact All-Star Paving in Calgary Today!

You deserve nothing but the best service, which is what we assure at All-Star Paving, Calgary's trusted paving company. Our experienced pavers have successfully performed numerous commercial as well as residential jobs in Calgary and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today & our pavers will be at your disposal in no time.

Serving Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Our Basic Services Include


Residential . Commercial . Industrial

. Asphalt . Aggregate . Concrete

. Parking Lots . Driveways . Roadways . Pathways

Need a Reliable Paving Company for Your Complex?


All-Star Paving can be your go-to option for all your paving needs in Calgary.

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