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A Guide to the Different Types of Asphalt Mix

Most people assume that all asphalt used for road, parking lot, and driveway paving is the same, but asphalt actually comes in a few different types depending on the mixing process and laying temperatures. The Calgary paving experts at All-Star Paving Ltd. have put together a helpful guide to the three main types of asphalt mixture formulations: hot-mix, cold-mix, and warm-mix.

Hot-Mix Asphalt/Summer Asphalt

Hot-mix asphalt is also known as summer asphalt because it is used during the warmer months of the year. It is mixed while the aggregate is at around 150 C to 166 C and the asphalt cement is at 95 C. Hot-mix asphalt must be applied and compacted quickly, before it has a chance to cool. If applied during the winter in colder temperatures, then it would cool before it could be compacted to the right density.

Hot-mix asphalt paving is generally used for larger paving projects on high-traffic surfaces such as roads and highways. It is also used to pave airfields and racetracks. The main benefits of hot-mix asphalt include its flexible applications, ability to repel water, and weather resistance.

Cold-Mix Asphalt/Winter Asphalt

Cold-mix asphalt is also known as winter asphalt because it is mainly used for patching asphalt surfaces over the colder months of the year. It does not need to be heated prior to use and is less viscous and easier to work with and compact than hot-mix asphalt. Once the cold-mix has been applied and allowed to set, the asphalt takes on similar properties to hot-mix asphalt.

Cold-mix asphalt paving is mainly used for the emergency repair of potholes over the winter, which are a common occurrence in Calgary. It provides a quick and affordable temporary solution for slowing down deterioration until the surface can be permanently repaired with hot-mix asphalt once the temperatures warm up.

Warm-Mix Asphalt

While warm-mix asphalt also needs to be heated prior to paving, it has significantly lower laying temperatures than hot-mix asphalt. It uses more additives and binding materials but fewer fossil fuels. Warm-mix asphalt also releases less carbon dioxide and vapours, making it a more environmentally friendly option. It can be applied at temperatures that would be too cold for hot-mix asphalt.

Warm-mix asphalt paving has steadily been increasing in popularity over the last decade. It produces less dust and fumes and is safer for worker health. This means that it can more safely be used in tunnels and when air quality is low and hot-mix asphalt paving would need to be delayed.

Residential and Commercial Asphalt Driveway Paving in Calgary

All-Star Paving Ltd. provides residential and commercial paving services, including paving and patching of driveways, roadways, parking lots, parking pads, curbs, footpaths, and gravel. Our experts can help you maintain and expand the lifespan of your asphalt surfaces using the right asphalt mix for the season and the application. We are a family owned and operated company committed to excellent customer service.

For all of your commercial or residential paving needs, just contact All-Star Paving Ltd. today.

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