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How Pavement Reacts to Temperature Changes: Alberta edition!

asphalt paving

Poor-quality roads cost Canadian drivers an average of $126 in extra maintenance per year. Asphalt may be durable, but even the best paving is not impervious, especially not too significant temperature changes. Temperatures that are too high or too low can damage a paved road; this is why maintenance from a paving company is so important.

Here's how the temperature outside will affect your asphalt paving.

Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures cause asphalt roads to contract, leading to a weakened binding agent. As the binding agent in the asphalt grows weaker, the road is at increased risk of cracking.

Combined with debris and wet weather conditions, cracks that are not treated by a paving company can eventually widen to become potholes.

The wider the cracks in the road, the more water and debris will settle. As temperatures grow colder, the water will freeze and expand, pushing the crack outward and further damaging the asphalt paving.

Hot Temperatures

Hot temperatures can also cause a paved road to crack.

The heat can cause asphalt to expand, leading to minor cracking. These cracks will expand with the asphalt and allow water and debris to seep in and erode the substrate.

Air bubbles may then form, which can weaken the structural integrity of the asphalt paving. When the weight of a vehicle or other heavy object passes over the top layer, it can cause the paved road to sag. This can cause the pavement to form depressions, divots, or potholes.

Rain, Snow and the Thawing Cycles

As snow and ice build, they can weigh down any weak spots present in a paved road.

When this occurs, it can cause the pavement to develop dips and depressions where melted snow and runoff water can pool. This can lead to the asphalt paving developing cracks and other potentially hazardous issues.

Rain and other forms of precipitation can also cause problems when a paved road has a significant slope.

As rain washes down the road, it can erode the top layer of the asphalt and wash away the bonding material in the asphalt, also known as liquid asphalt. Over time, the asphalt paving may erode to the point of mainly consisting of rock and aggregate.

Choosing a Paving Company in Calgary

Both really hot and cold temperatures can cause cracks and other types of damage in asphalt paving, which in turn may damage your car.

The only way to prevent deteriorated roads from causing damage is through proper maintenance by a paving company. At All-Star Paving Ltd., we have over 25 years of experience in both residential and commercial paving services, including asphalt paving, patching, and resurfacing.

If you want to learn more about our asphalt paving services, contact All-Star Paving Ltd. today.

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