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How to Tell Your Road Paver in Calgary Did a Good Job

Have you recently had your driveway paved? And now you're wondering how to tell if the road paver did a good job.

Below you're going to find a brief guide that will help you to determine if the driveway paving process you had done was a satisfactory job. By the end of this, you'll know if you need to call the road paver back to make a complaint or to thank them.

Was the Prep Work done?

Before workers can begin paving your driveway, the first thing they need to do is prepare the asphalt for the paving process. Once workers have prepared the asphalt, workers will then tie off the sections that they're working on to ensure that no one walks on the area as they are completing the work.

This is the first sign that your asphalt driveway paving job is headed in the right direction.

How Many Inches Is The Overlay?

The next thing that you need to observe to ensure that the job was well done is the overlay of the asphalt. The asphalt overlay should be approximately two inches.

The overlay needs to be two inches because the thickness of the asphalt is crucial to the overall process. The height of the overlay ensures and keeps the asphalt from deteriorating and cracking over time.

This will guarantee that your driveway paving results last long-term.

Smooth Transitions

If you've got old parts of your driveway that aren't being paved, you need to keep an eye on the transitions that pavers used. A good paving job means when the process is complete, you won't be able to tell where the old parts of the driveway end and the new part begins.

What we mean by smooth transition is when you're driving down your driveway, you shouldn't feel any bumps or dips as you're driving. It should be smooth on all parts of the driveway and safe for cars to drive over.

You also should ask if there was a primer added to the asphalt. When workers add primer to your driveway, it helps the old pieces of the driveway to bond to the newer pieces.

Overall Work

When you look over the project at the end of the process, take time to look over the entire driveway. Each area of the driveway should be uniform and look the same throughout.

The driveway should also be levelled no matter what part you're standing on.

Road Paver: How To Know If The Job Was Good?

There are several factors you can use to identify if a road paver did an excellent job paving your new driveway or not. First, you need to ask if they took the time to prepare the pavement before the process began.

Another way to identify if the job is high-quality is to ensure that there is a smooth transition from the old part of the driveway to the new ones. If you're looking for a company that is above all the rest and will pave your driveway the right way, contact All-Star Paving.

We will get the job done to ensure your satisfaction from the first time.

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