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Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Paving Contractor In Calgary

Did you know that in the first quarter of 2022, Alberta gained more than 20,000 new residents? This is a lot of new people with home improvement projects who need the best paving contractor available near them.

If you need a brand-new driveway or parking lot, you must ensure that you'll hire the right contractor for the job. Use our quick guide to find out why All-Star Paving Ltd offers the best services.

Picking the Right Paving Contractor

Finding the right paving contractor that will follow safety regulations, produce fantastic work, and complete projects efficiently is crucial. Think about these questions when selecting a paving contractor.

  • How many years of experience do they have?

  • What is the quality of the materials they're using?

  • What is the condition of their work equipment?

  • How experienced is the crew, and how many of them are there?

  • Is the planned work documented and easy to understand?

  • Does the paving contractor have insurance and a warranty?

Reputation in the Community

Since 1993, All-Star Paving Ltd has been family owned. And a trusted provider for asphalt and concrete project needs.

  • Starting in Okotoks, Alberta, Keith Gardner and his son Steve began working on projects with tandem and skid steer

  • All-Star Paving Ltd is known for establishing long-term relationships with clients and employees with a focus on supporting their community

All-Star Paving Ltd Cares About Your Safety

Our standards for safety are the highest in the construction industry. And we genuinely care about your safety too.

  • As a COR holder, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our customers and employees

  • Partners with the Worker's Compensation Board of Alberta (WCB) and the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA)

  • We ensure that our crew is trained according to the highest standards in Alberta

Services We Provide

Below you'll find a list highlighting some of our services. But that's not everything!

  • Asphalt Paving and Patching

  • Residential and Commercial Concrete Projects

  • Grading and Graveling

  • Paving Parking Lots

  • Driveway and Acreage Paving

  • Seal Coating and Crack Filling

  • Pathway Paving

  • Line Painting

You can read more about what we offer in our Services section. And find out how our expertise can be used for many of your home improvement projects.

Excellent Customer Reviews

We are happy that our fantastic work has earned us many valuable referrals. Many future customers hear from us by word of mouth.

  • Our customers value our professionalism and artistry, earning us multiple five-star reviews on Facebook

  • We continue to be a resource for our customer's friends and family through recommendations that further support the community we love

Outstanding Service for Our Community

We exceed expectations to ensure that our valued customers have the best experience with us. At All-Star Paving Ltd, we're confident that you'll be taken care of.

  • Our fantastic paving services have earned us our top position as the go-to pavers in Calgary

  • We are proud of our work and perform it with precision and dedication

Choose All-Star Paving Ltd for Your Project

If you're looking for a paving contractor, look no more. You've found us, and we'll gladly answer your questions about our work and prices.

We are ready to get started on your asphalt and concrete projects and more. Contact us today and get a free estimate!

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