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How Technology Has Changed Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving

It is estimated that around 1.05 million tonnes of asphalt are used on municipal roads in Canada each year. In the past, these improvements could be much more lengthy and disruptive. Many advances have made laying asphalt a faster process than it once was.

Site Preparation

The successful preparation of the site is one of the critical elements in a successful asphalt paving process. In the past, contractors would have to use sight glasses. They would scope out the area and find the target using a linker rod.

Now lasers perform the same task. Laser-guided transits will give a better, more accurate reading of distances and heights. They are used to measure grades as well as to establish drainage plans.

Once the grades had been established, graders and compactors would then prepare the area. However, drivers had very little knowledge of the gradients and slopes they were creating.

New motor graders have fitted slope controls that can create grading grids. The driver calibrates and follows the tools, and the automatic grader blade will do the rest. This improves precision, ensuring the correct run-off will not compromise surfaces.

Removal and Tear Off

The best asphalt installation will never lay over an older surface. We used to use a large diamond blade to cut through the surface so it could be then removed in smaller chunks.

Newer machines allow workers to cut trenches into the paving surface instead. These 2 inch wide trenches can improve the time it takes to prepare the surface for the project. Cutting down on time means a reduction in costs and labour.

Preventative Maintenance

Asphalt paving requires very little maintenance. Yet a small bit of preventative maintenance can almost double its life span. Previously, preventative maintenance would involve filling cracks and adding sealant coatings.

Technology now allows the automation of maintenance schedules. Online information can also help educate customers on how to get the most from their asphalt paving installations.

Improving Worker Safety

Any construction site has dangers, including when you are only creating a paved road or asphalt surface. Therefore, anything that improves worker safety is an advantage. Technology has meant that it is now safer than ever to pave asphalt.

Modern machinery has a lot of sensors built-in, monitoring activity around and checking worker safety. This can be essential on a site where there is lots of traffic and machinery operating at once. Automatic shutoffs and sensors all add to these improvements.

Updates to Asphalt Paving in Calgary

You know now how technology has transformed asphalt paving in Calgary, and you also have a better idea of the process. When considering your own projects, select a company that uses modern methods. It will save you time and money.

All-Star Paving should be your first stop. We have been the preferred choice for over 25 years. Visit our range of asphalt paving services here, and let All-Star Paving start on your next road improvement.

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